So excited to open my STUDIO SALE!

So excited to open my STUDIO SALE!

You know that thing where you discover a life hack, probably on TikTok where something that used to take 20 minutes can suddenly, by the elimination of 'going round the houses' become a joyful 2 minute thing! (Aside of making the bed or folding sheets).

Well I have just completed a taster 'Find Your Joy' course with the wonderful Louise Fletcher, and all the things that have been in my head, the brushstrokes I have been trying to make, the landscapes I have been attempting to paint have all rushed into my painting hand and possessed me! Please don't call for the men in white coats quite yet! I'm not saying it was an epiphany but I do feel like I could have changed my art process a long time ago if I had not been so bothered about the outcome when experimenting. It takes a certain bravery and free thinking to be able to find the authentic 'you' and I took time out to listen to the master and gave myself permission to just play. 

So I am totally re-energised and bursting with ideas that I am desperate to get down onto canvas, or anything actually so that I can surround myself with a new landscape in the form of inspirational marks, colours and interpretations of what inspires me. You may have seen me sharing some of the first forays into this new realm on my social media (if not you can HERE or HERE). 

To make way for these new works, I have decided to have a Studio Sale. I have listed some of the work that I am including at massively discounted prices which you can purchase with FREE SHIPPING. I am not saying that I don't like them. I really do. Some of them are my absolute favourites. But it is time for them to cheer up someone else's space so that I can immerse myself in new possibilities. It's a bit like not going on holiday to the same place twice. I think it is the most empowering thing to constantly push oneself into new realms and discover things about yourself while you are doing it. 

So, please feel free to browse my SALE section and ask any questions you would like answers to...anything really. 


For FREE SHIPPING copy and paste the code TQHMFGPZXMDB at checkout. 

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