Joyful Colour

Colour, for me, is not merely a visual element but a language of emotions. Each shade and tone carries its own unique energy, capable of evoking a wide range of feelings within us. By carefully selecting and manipulating colours, I aim to create a visual symphony that resonates with the viewer's emotions, inviting
them to immerse themselves in the artwork and experience a particular vibe.

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Limited Edition Prints

A Limited Edition Print is an affordable way to bring colour and joy... 


Bringing a little bit of the outdoors in with these colourful landscape... 

Post Big Painting Challenge Interview with Fraser Scarfe

  • Affordable Art for Everyone

    Driven by the desire to communicate the joy I feel when struck by the awe of nature's beauty I have painted a collection of colourful landscapes and released them as Limited Edition prints so that everyone can add a splash of colour in their home.

    Limited Edition Prints 
  • Home Accents

    Spread the love around the home with a collection of original art inspired items including beautiful soft touch cushions or stylish mugs

    Gifts and Home 
  • Just For You!

    Commission me to paint something special for your space.

    It's really easy and simply starts with a conversation and a willingness to share your ideas and be open to my interpretation.

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